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LateReader - Windows Mobile ApplicationLate Reader is a Windows Mobile application for reading your Read It Later lists. You can find the Read It Later lists HERE. With Latereader Application, you can search, sort your list,
download pages for offline reading and share your list items with others and much more. This application is great for those of you who love reading. This Application requires .NET CF 3.5+ to be installed on your windows mobile device.

LateReader - Windows Mobile Application LateReader - Windows Mobile Application

Download Latereader
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CHTEditor - Windows Mobile ApplicationCHTEditor is editor for Co0kie's your Home Tab. With CHTEditor, you can modify all settings for the mod without having to open the registry editor,
CHTEditor also able to export & import all your settings and Quicklinks, if you need a hard reset or flash a new ROM. So you may be able to import data that has you do a Flash ROM or do hard reset on your Windows Mobile.

CHTEditor - Windows Mobile Application CHTEditor - Windows Mobile Application

What can you do with CHTEditor? CHTEditor has several features, among others:

- Change the settings without a registry editor
- Export and import settings and quicklinks (can also be done via command-line - see post 2)
- Command-line support for export of settings (Importing already works with the settings file as "%1".)
- Create shortcuts to settings files for on-the-fly quick changes from the start menu or quicklinks, without running the editor
- Remove dead quicklinks
- Automatically restarts manila or soft resets for immediate changes
- Multi-language support

Download and Discuss CHTEditor
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Best Facebook App From Microsoft

Many of us who access the Social Networking site Facebook. Some use a PC or mobile phone has. This is a facebook application for windows Mobile. Launched by Microsoft.
Unlike the previous version, this version much better and get perfection. Improvements include:

- Hopefully some bugfixes and improved speed
- Improved notifications system
- "View Comments"
- "Comment"
- "Like" (or "Dislike")
- “Search” (for new contacts or existing ones).

Forum and Discussion

Miror Download CAB file
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